My First Mother’s Day

Tiffany Wayne


A luxury photographer based in Southwest Florida for people who are excited about LIFE! I'm a wife and a mama who is wildly obsessed with pretty details, love stories, good lashes, and Schitts Creek.

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I have so many fond memories of Mother’s Day — most of them revolve around the yummiest brunch up at the Sagamore Resort in Lake George. So, since I’m celebrating my first Mother’s Day, I thought we should keep the tradition going! It’s hard to really find the right words for this post- I’ve prayed for years that I would one day become a mother… and here I am … a mommy. I don’t take that word lightly- “mommy” – because the bar has been set pretty high. I come from a strong line of Italian women who’s hearts are pure gold. Their light from within would brighten up any room just with their presence. I hope to be like that. My mom is truly my best friend, my everything… and if Gianna thinks of me the way that I think of my mom- well, I would feel like the luckiest. I didn’t get a chance to get a new outfit like I hoped…but when I looked in my closet I found the most perfect dress. It was the dress I bought and wore home from the hospital after I gave birth…Not kidding. Yep. I bought a white semi-fancy dress to wear home. LOL. Only me, I swear!

We started the day at church giving thanks to Lord for His amazing grace and blessings. (A special congratulations to my mom on her consecration!) Following church, my parents, Gianna and I headed up to the Sagamore for brunch. Gianna thought she was the Queen of the Sagamore – she waved to everyone that walked by. The chefs at the carving station were some of her favorite to wave to. Meanwhile, I’m trying to woof down a plate of food, keep her entertained…and she decided to sing a song for the entire restaurant. As in, “AHHH! AHHH! AHHH!” Multiple times. On top of her lungs. I kept trying to give her more food to her chewing because I was so embarrassed! Luckily, everyone around us didn’t seem to be bothered. But I was in a full sweat! So much so, that I offered to take a portrait of the family sitting next to us! They were so kind and appreciative. Then! I ran into some clients of mine- TWP alumni Sara and Oliver along with their families! So of course I had to grab a group shot of them! Then! I bumped into some friends that I grew up with-some of you may recognize a few faces below! We all headed outside and enjoyed the beautiful day. I am truly blessed.

By the time I got home, I was ready to get out of my heels and “hospital” dress and put on my new  #momlife t-shirt that my sweet sister and her family got me. I called my neighbor Kathy to come up for a little bit to share part of my day with her. You see Kathy is more than a neighbor – we call her “Auntie Kathy.” She is just so incredibly thoughtful and kind- Gianna and I are truly lucky to have her in our lives.

To my mom, sister…and all the mommies out there: May your hearts be filled with much joy, peace & love… Your lives filled with good fortune, impeccable health, wine, rest, play… and most of all may you always know how much you are loved and appreciated. Wishing you all the happiest Mother’s Day!

With Love,


tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0001 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0002 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0003 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0004 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0005 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0007 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0008 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0009 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0010 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0011

I never thought I would see the day where I kept “Boogie Wipes” on the brunch table at the Sagamore!tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0012 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0013 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0014 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0015 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0016 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0017 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0018 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0019 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0020 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0021 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0022 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0024 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0025 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0026 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0027 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0028 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0029 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0030 tiffany_wayne_mothers_day_sagamore_lifestyle_photographer_0031

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  1. Kristine pregont says:

    What a beautiful day! You and Gianna both look stunningly beautiful! Hope you had an amazing 1st Mother’s Day followed by many more💐💕

  2. Hayden Yund says:

    Tiff, bumping into you and your beautiful family made our day. You definitely brighten up a room and Gianna’s singing had us smiling the whole brunch💕 thank you for capturing moments on such a special day for us, you’re so generous and we appreciate you ! We treasure those pics 💖💖💖Xoxo Happy first Mother’s Day mama

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