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A luxury photographer based in Southwest Florida for people who are excited about LIFE! I'm a wife and a mama who is wildly obsessed with pretty details, love stories, good lashes, and Schitts Creek.

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A few weeks ago Janet and Rosa from A Love Story Bridal (and Angela’s Bridal!) reached out to me to collaborate on a styled shoot! I always love working with these ladies, so it was an easy YES!!! We met up to chat about the vibe of Love Story and bounced around ideas for the shoot. We were all on the same page – which always makes me so excited when I share the same brain as other creatives! We went for an elopement style shoot. Lush natural greenery. Casual, yet romantic. Not fussy. Just a beautiful love story.

When it was time for the shoot, the day couldn’t be more perfect. Honestly. It was perfect weather- which was surprising for Upstate New York. We decided to shoot at Thatcher Park – which was ideal for the vibe we wanted. On the drive to the shoot I passed this field of white trees and told Rosa that we have to shoot the second dress in the field of white trees! She was game for whatever- so I was super excited! We walked around the park – and stopped to shoot whenever my eyes turned to hearts (you know, like the heart eye emoji!)

When we arrived to the second location, it just happened to be next to North Eastern Fine Jewelers. I thought we should stop in to see if they were up for a collaboration- the crew thought I was a little crazy, but I went in to ask. And they happily agreed to be a part of the shoot! It was so perfect! They day was truly a success and honestly one of my favorite sessions to date…. A huge thank you to my friends Adam and Katie for playing bride and groom… you two are the cutest! Enjoy the images below…I can’t stop starring!! So pretty!

With Love,

Dress: A Love Story // Blush by Hayley Paige
Hair: Stephanie Mastroianni
Makeup: Meaghan Kerns
Jewelry: Tacori // North Eastern Fine Jewelers 

love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0001 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0002

2018-05-16_0002 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0004 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0005 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0006 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0007 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0008 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0009 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0010 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0012 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0013 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0014 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0015 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0016 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0017 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0018 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0019 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0020 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0021 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0022 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0023 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0024 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0025 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0027 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0028 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0029 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0030 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0031 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0032 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0033 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0034 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0035 love_story_bridal_elopement_wedding_photographer_albany_saratoga_Tiffany_Wayne_0036

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