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A luxury photographer based in Southwest Florida for people who are excited about LIFE! I'm a wife and a mama who is wildly obsessed with pretty details, love stories, good lashes, and Schitts Creek.

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Hi friends! Some of you may remember not that long ago I shared on instagram that I recently moved to Florida! It’s honestly been a long time coming … as in at least 6 years in the making. Let me explain. 

Every year as a kid my sister and I would bug my dad to put a pool in at our house. And every single year he said, “Next year!” So the following year would roll around and we would be all excited only to hear my dad utter the same words- “Next Year!” (What a great parenting hack, dad!) After graduating high school, my dad says “We’re buying a vacation house in Florida! Isn’t that better than a pool?!”  Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time vacationing at the Florida house. My family members would fly down, my friends would fly down- it was great.  As the years went on, my parents have redefined the meaning of “Snow Bird” – As in, you don’t have to be retired to be one.  This was me taking extended trips in the winter. Also, Snow Bird could mean “Fall-Winter-Spring Bird” as my mom prefers. Following in the footsteps of my parents were my aunts, uncles and cousins- all whom I was very close with…. then my sister! Who is without a doubt my best-friend.  As I was getting older, the conversations became more and more about “When we live in Florida full time.”  And I would pout like a child and say “You’re leaving me???” You see, I’m old school. I’m not great with change and I always imagined living in the same town that I grew up in- forever. It was my comfort  zone. It was where I made memories and built a business that far surpassed my expectations. But deep down I knew, if everyone was in Florida- one day I would be in Florida too. 

After the pandemic hit, it was a wakeup call. As in, “There is no better time then the present time” (I forgot who said that- but whoever it is, genius.) So we packed up the house and left. I could try and say that I kept it cool, but honestly, on the inside I was freakingggg out. I knew in my heart it was the right decision and that God’s plan is bigger than my own- so I clung to that hope. 

Now, 5 months later as an official Floridian, I find myself saying “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” I absolutely love the life balance I am working toward… I love the sunshine. Flying back and forth to New York has proven to be one of my most productive/creative blocks of time. I could describe the time as a creative binge. I thrive off that… And, flying solo on the plane? I swear it fuels my ideas. I can’t imagine what the future holds, but I sure know it’s going to be something good. 

To all of my friends, clients, vendors- please know that New York is still very much a big part of my business. I will be back regularly and still scheduling shoots, albeit a little more strategically. This will require a little more planning, so be sure to reach out ahead of time if you’re thinking of booking something! On the flipside, if you ever find yourself vacationing in Florida- you know who to hit up for beach photos. And for anyone who is contemplating a big decision, just go for it. Hold on to the fact that God’s plan is much greater than ours. Life is too darn short to remain in a state of limbo. You deserve the best. 

Sending love, blessings and sunshine!


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In October 2021, our family took a giant leap of faith and moved to Southwest Florida. Mainly to be closer to family, but also for the amazing opportunity to run my business in two states I love.

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