Kinda like a Girl Band

August 31, 2020

Soooo this shoot was everything my little creative heart desired and more! I teamed up with STRUT. Spalontique to showcase fun hairstyles and makeup. The outcome? The coolest looking girl band on the block. Ok, so they’re not reallllly a band. But, they totally should be.

Special thanks to Kaylee Fiedler who hosted us and let us shoot on her gorgeous property! This day was so much fun and I can’t wait to play again!


Photography: Tiffany Wayne Photography
Photo & Cinema Assistant: Nicole Weeks
Film Editor: Andrie Galia, Hudson Valley Creative
Hair: Kaitlin Bray and Katie Batz, STRUT Spalontique
Makeup: Kaitlin Bray and Gabby Sossei
Set Greens: Fleurtacious Designs

Salon owner, Kaitlin Bray
STRUT. Spalontique offers everything from the latest cuts, colors and styles… to facials, microblading, and lash treatments!
And not to mention, the best products!

Those curls!
The dopest braid.
Multitalented. Katie not only styled the girls hair, but she actually plays the ukulele.
Special appearance from Caicos, the dog.
This behind the scenes video was shot by Nicole, but edited by the talented Andrie Galia. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this a fun day for us!!

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