Family: Welcoming Baby Harper

September 9, 2015

September is here and oh my goodness did it come full speed ahead! This is by far my busiest month of the year so get ready for tons of blog posts! A couple weeks ago I received an email from a new mom (for the third time!) asking if I had availability to photograph their family. She explained that her family vacations at the lake in New York every year and how special it would be to have some photos to document their time spent. But more importantly, they recently welcomed baby girl Harper to the world. Baby Harper would be the first girl of the family! She has two older brothers Hudson, 4 years old, and Winston, 2 years old. I knew that I had to make this work with my schedule because these moments go by so fast! And they’re so precious. We were able to find a date before they left town and oh my gosh… I am so glad we made it work! This family is just stunning!

Hours leading up to the shoot, the weather was looking not so great. I was so bummed because I knew that photos outside was something that was important to Kara and her family. Thankfully, the clouds passed and we were able to get some great sunset shots! Before we headed outside, I spent some time with the family in one of the rooms… Can I just say, I am beyond obsessed with the decor of this house! It was so perfect to capture the spirit of the kids and family. You know, those organic moments that so quickly pass by without notice… What a little treasure to offer a gift where you can kinda freeze time.

My favorite memory from the shoot was when Hudson, Kara and Brandon’s oldest son, didn’t want me to leave. He blocked the door and kept asking if I would stay for dinner. It was just the cutest ever! Kara, Brandon, Hudson, Winston, and Harper….thank you all so much for welcoming me to your beautiful summer home. It was a true joy to get to know you and to capture such a special memories for your family. May you all continue to dream big, laugh loudly and live authentically! Congratulations!!

With Love,

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