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Oh my goodness….. I have been waiting to blog this wedding foreverrr! Well, it seems like it anyway… Lake Placid! One of my favorite places to chill. Talk about a wedding that truly kicked off the season! Shannon and Rich, these two make everything so fun and easy! I remember my first conversation with them – I felt like we clicked right off the bat! We bonded over our love for our fur babies! So much of their day had bits and pieces of them…and that’s what makes a wedding truly special and unique. They have hiked the high peaks (hence their decision to tie the knot in Lake Placid!), wrote their own vows, incorporated their fur babies, and danced down the aisle to Toto’s Africa- I just love that!!! Seeing these two together twirling around in the fields of Lake Placid truly took my breath away! We were blessed with beautiful weather and the scenery alongside their formal attire just made me swoon! Following first look we headed to the Lake Placid Club for the ceremony and reception! With the most stunning backdrop, it was impossible to get a bad angle. Everything was gorgeous. The food was perfectly styled and the dessert table left me drooling! Especially the funfetti cake truffles!!! The dance floor was packed all night long- in fact, I don’t think anyone was left sitting in their seat! I honestly can’t think of anymore words because I just want to share the images … they’re just so pretty!!! Shannon and Rich, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your wedding! I wish you lots of love, good health, and blessings for many years to come!

With Love,

Hair/Makeup: Beauty with Julie at Bar Beauty & Co.
Bridal Dress: Something Bleu Bridal
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Flowers: Black Sheep Gardens
Venue/Catering: Lake Placid Club
Music: Premier Entertainment and Events
Video: Filmwell Studios
Desserts: Cake Placid
Cake Stand: Fox Creek Woodcraft
Bridesmaids: White by Vera Wang
Mens Attire: Joseph A Bank

shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0002 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0003 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0004 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0005 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0006 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0007 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0008 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0009 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0010 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0011 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0012 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0013 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0014 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0015 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0016 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0017 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0018 Lake Placid wedding bouquet shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0021 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0022 Lake Placid wedding dancing shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0024 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0025 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0026 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0027 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0028 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0029 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0030 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0031 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0032 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0034 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0035 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0037 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0039 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0040 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0041 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0042 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0043 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0044 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0045 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0046 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0047 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0048 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0049 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0050 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0052 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0053 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0054 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0055 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0056 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0057 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0059 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0060 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0061 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0062 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0063 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0064 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0065 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0066 2018-06-25_0082 2018-06-25_0081shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0067

shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0069 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0070 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0071 shannon_rich_Tiffany_Wayne_lake_placid_wedding_0073


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  1. Shannon says:

    Ahhhhh I’m dying in my cubicle right now! Love these and cannot wait to see the rest. You and Nicole were so nice, so easy to work with; thank you for helping make it truly the best day of our lives!

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