May 15, 2021: Our Wedding Day

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Gosh. Where to start. This is going to be a long one, so bare with me! Ever since our wedding day I could barely choke out a “thank you” to all of our vendors because it was inevitable that I would start crying. Not kidding. This carefully selected professional team of vendors friends went above and beyond in every way…. Since getting our photos back a couple days ago, I was beyond thrilled to finally put together a proper thank you to every person who made our day truly unforgettable. Just in time to celebrate two months married! Happy Two Months married babe!!!!!

It’s a weird thing when you’re on the other side. From the moment Trevor put a ring on my finger I had ideas. Shocker, right?!?! If you know me, you know that I love details, light and bright monochromatic everything. I can’t help it! My house is pretty much void of any color except neutrals – so it didn’t come as a surprise when I chose pale gray and white tones for the wedding. And I have to say, Trevor was such a good sport through all of the planning… he really let me take the lead. Thanks babe for trusting me!

As you scroll through the blog, I will be sharing all sorts of fun details behind and in front of the scenes- highlighting each vendor…. So in all honesty, you may want to bookmark this page because you’re in for some reading. Or, if reading isn’t your thing, you have an amazing photo story by Cassi Claire that will give you an overall feel for what truly was a magical day. I also snuck a few details that I photographed myself- because, you know, I’m obsessed with details!

Before we get started, I have to acknowledge two very important people. Christine and Jordan – our wedding planners of Christine Wheat Special Events Firm. These two women are remarkable. They helped me so much throughout the process … I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. They executed a dream come true. THANK YOU my friends…. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Seriously.

To my family… the breath between each beat of my heart. Thank you for all of your continuous love and support throughout this entire process. All of you put so much into this day to make it perfect, and it truly was… I am blessed beyond measure to be a part of such an amazing, loving family.

May 15th, 2021

I’ll never forget the night before the wedding. I stayed at my parents house and it was probably close to midnight before I went to bed. My mom, dad, sister, aunt, uncle, brother in law were all working hard to make the house look picture perfect for the morning. I was walking around in circles and totally not helpful. I didn’t know what to do! I was dismissed to go to sleep and when I woke up at 6am, I walked downstairs only to find my entire family still working on details… I felt like they didn’t even move from the night before. We’ve nicknamed some of my family members “Marthas” (as in Martha Stewart) – you’ll see why in a minute. My mom, sister and aunt were prepping food as if we were about to shoot a feature for Better Homes and Gardens. Seriously. Not one detail overlooked. Not to mention everything was homemade. Many of you know my right hand girl, business partner, bestie, and bridesmaid- Nicole Weeks. She brought her camera that morning and was able to capture all the hard work my family put into the food details for that morning! She even helped them practice styling the yogurt parfaits the day before— WHAT?! You guys seriously. Over the top…and I love that. My people just pour so much of their heart into everything and I feel so undeserving of such love. Check out some of these incredible images from Nicole!

How adorable are these French toast sticks with bacon rosettes inside a shooter of syrup?! Come on! Now you know why we call the ladies in my family “Marthas!” My poor aunt Grace burnt her fingers rolling the bacon rosettes! Love you Aunt Grace for your dedication….

When my photographer Cassi Claire arrived, the feeling was so familiar. As in, once the photographer arrives the day suddenly becomes very real. Cassi and her husband/second shooter Chris arrived earlier than expected with a bottle of champagne- such a nice surprise! Cassi’s bubbly personality fit right in with the overall vibe of the day and I was so excited to see her in action. Cassi is based in New Jersey and I thought it would be so cool to see another photographer capture our wedding with fresh eyes in our home town! As you continue to scroll, you’ll see some of my favorite moments relived through her lens. Thank you so much Cassi for your professionalism and kindness – I know their is extra pressure when photographing another photographer’s wedding, and you handled it with so much grace. Thank you for everything!!

The morning of the wedding I wanted to wear the same robe my mother wore on her wedding day! I figured my parents has been married for over 40 years so I wanted that type of love wrapped around me! Plus! My mom had a short robe that matched the long one, and it was perfect for Gianna! It was the sweetest mommy and me matching outfit ever!

I’m literally sitting at my desk speechless at the thought of where to even begin for flowers. I don’t think there are proper adjectives, words or anything that could fully express my infinite gratitude and appreciation to Kris Ann, owner and creative genius of Fleurtacious Designs. She got my vision from day one. I love bouquets with airy movement… I was obsessed with orchids paired with baby’s breath …and I love the smell of peonies. So she combined them all and it was such perfection. I also learned that my mother-in-law carried orchids in her wedding bouquet which made my choice even more special! Also, I was completely unaware until after the wedding that the meaning of baby’s breath is everlasting love and innocence- while orchids mean love, luxury, beauty, and strength, and peonies mean honor. Idyllic for a wedding day…

Now ladies, we all know how important shoes are- right?! Your wedding shoes are THE shoes that carry you during the most important walk of your life. So, it’s a big deal! This seemed like the search that would never end! Holy cow. I spent MONTHS searching the internet. Months! I thought for the longest time that I would be rocking Jimmy Choo on my feet… however, thanks to an article in Vogue Weddings I stumbled upon Italian designer Aquazzura. And there they were… The crystal embellishment on the heel was so sparkly they looked like diamonds! Handmade right from Italy at a price tag that I won’t disclose because my dad is reading this…. I also learned that this brand is a favorite amongst the Royal family! I will never forget the day I opened them. I immediately Facetimed my sister for the unboxing! I plan to keep them on display in my home because they are truly a work of art!

Like most brides, I found myself perusing Etsy on the regular and I couldn’t resist a custom His/Her vow book. Trevor and I chose to write our own vows in addition to the traditional ones. But really, I just wanted the vow book for photos… but you know what? Speaking our own vows turned out to be one of the best parts of the day. So many people kept commenting on what we shared with each other – and let me tell you, everyone felt the emotions!

The Mrs. Fiedler purse was also a must have… I thought it would pair perfectly with my custom studded denim jacket and sparkle wedge sneakers!

The next three images I photographed because I just love all my details so much that I wanted to shoot them, too! Details are my favorite!!

Photos by yours truly ….

My earrings were an absolute perfect find thanks to instagram! The name of the shop? Untamed Petals. Beautifully handmade and they truly looked like they were made for my dress! It matched my sleeve and complimented my look in the best way!

This also seems like the appropriate spot to talk about my beauty team! Many of you already know how obsessed I am with makeup… so naturally, when I worked a wedding with Amanda Pierce, I stalked her until we became friends. She was one of the very first people I reached out to the second I became engaged. (Because makeup is literally everything.) I was in awe of her talent and knew she was a must have for my wedding! I feel like everyone needs Amanda in their life. Seriously, I wish I could have her work my face every time I leave the house… She has worked with some of my favorite celebs and it was a dream come true to have her work on me for such a special day! Love you girl!

As many of you know, I have worked with Alex of Alexandria’s Beauty Salon for years!! So it was an easy decision when it came to booking my hair vendor!! Alex rocked my textured updo for the first look of the day and all of the girls in our bridal party looked stunning!! From cuts to color, this girl gang has got it goin’ on!! Oh, and the crystal hair piece I wore was a total steal from Amazon (yes, you read that correct. Amazon.)!! That thing sparkled SO much!

Back to Cassi’s imagery…

My dress. Oh my goodness this dress. What started out as the Daphne by Justin Alexander’s Signature line became a custom masterpiece by Janet Cooper. Let me just say, Covid was not friendly to my waistline -or Thyroid- so there was a point where I thought I was going to walk down the aisle in a paper bag. I was freaking out. Then I went to see Janet and I honestly can’t sing her praises enough. Janet- owner of Angela’s Bridal and Love Story is one the most talented individuals I’ve ever met. Her attention to detail is second to none and she made my vision come to life. I knew I wanted two looks- so we added a Paloma Blanca layered organza half-skirt edged in horsehair for the ceremony. Janet also worked on my sleeves. It was originally more of a natural and soft sleeve, so we added some boning and flesh tone shoulder pads to create a more dramatic look. My veil was longer than Royal Cathedral length (over 180 inches!) and made by the most talented ladies over at Angela’s Alteration Studio. For the reception, along with new hair and makeup, we removed the skirt which highlighted all the buttons we added to the back of the dress!

Behind the scenes were two Angels. Seriously. From the minute I was engaged, Christine and Jordan of Christine Wheat Special Events Firm – literally made everything….and I mean everything … come to life. They kept me sane, let me vent, and just made things happen like magic. From the invitations to the logistics, to just being a friend…these ladies will never truly know how eternally grateful I am for them. They are exactly what every single bride needs… and trust me, you need them. They act as your advocate, trusted advisor, and friend. I know I mentioned them at the beginning of this entry, but I just had to say thank you again….

When it came to a gift exchange between Trevor and I, I shared some not-so-subtle hints and my groom knocked it out of the park! Louis Vuitton Attrape-Reves perfume customized with our wedding date on the bottle!! I never wore the perfume before this day and the smell will always, always take me right back to our wedding. Now that is the best gift….

For Trevor, I knew early on what I wanted to do for him. Before Trevor proposed, he visited his sick grandfather “Opa” in the hospital. He had suffered a stroke and couldn’t talk and could barely write legibly enough to communicate. Trevor shared with Opa that he had found “the one”… and with tears in his eyes his grandpa replied by writing “she’s a looker” on a small sheet of paper. You see, Trevor’s grandparents were always asking when he was going to settle down- so this news was exciting for them. The passing of his grandfather was a very difficult time and I knew I wanted to gift Trevor something that reminded him that Opa is still very much here… So, I had cufflinks engraved with Opa’s very own handwriting from the note, “she’s a looker” – when Trevor told him he was going to marry me.

I had to sneak in a couple more TWP shots because why not?!

First looks by Cassi Claire……

Being a mom and a bride comes with its fair share of funny stories…. So we dried our happy tears from the reveal with my dad and bridal party…. Next, my parents, Gianna and I got into the limo and headed to the church. About halfway there, Gianna (3 years old) says, “Mom, I need to go potty.” My eyebrows immediately shot into the sky. We were no where near the church yet, and the thought of running into a random bathroom dressed for a wedding was less than ideal. So, we looked around and then I spotted it. A perfect cardboard box that held my gorgeous bouquet. Out my flowers came, and we made a little potty seat in the back of the limo. My mom held Gianna’s dress and my sister and I were dying laughing…. my dad, not so much… he just turned his head. So we pull into the church and was instantly greeted by Christine… So I had to tell her what happened because there was a bucket of urine in the back of the limo. She didn’t even flinch when I told her the story… but I’m sure she was so grossed out on the inside! So when I tell brides you need Christine, this is exactly what I mean! Too funny not to share!

Getting out of the limo I was literally in a dream world. Throughout this entire wedding process everything came down to two things: the aisle flowers and music. The aisle was seriously jaw dropping. I can’t say enough about Kris Ann and how she royally knocked it out of the park. Absolutely breathtaking. During the planning process I found an image from Martha Stewart Weddings and wanted to replicate the aisle decor- I basically told her I wanted to walk through a field of flowers!! I could literally cry at how perfect it was….

For music, we hired the Hudson String Quartet to play with Brian Hoffman (organ and piano) and vocalist Tess Giumarra. I didn’t select the normal wedding music- but rather some traditional hymns that continue to leave a mark on my heart every time I play them. Our bridal party walked down to an instrumental “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” – piano arrangement by Young Min You. Gianna still asks me to play this for her in the car and it melts my heart! The song I chose to walk down the aisle to is a stately hymn, “O God Beyond All Praising” …. it sounded beautiful and I definitely had chills walking down the aisle.

This melts my heart.

How handsome is my groom?!

The ceremony was so beautiful and personal. In addition to writing our own vows, we wrote the prayers of the faithful which were read during the service. After communion, we asked Gianna to come up along with both our parents – Gianna stood in the middle as we all formed a circle around her. We prayed over her and our new family together… it was a very special, emotional moment. I could cry thinking about it….

I had several surprises up my sleeve on the wedding day… The first one being bagpipes. This one was for my dad… he is a proud Irish man and I knew this would bring tears to both our eyes. The drummer escorted us down the aisle as the piper played along at the doorway. It was so moving and a definite highlight of the day. A very special thank you to our dearest friends Shannon and Kevin Galuski for helping us pull off this incredible surprise for my dad!! We love you!

The reason I wake up every morning… for all of these people right here. Over 80 years of marriage combined between both our parents… Blessed beyond measure for my family. I love you all so much!!

It was so important to us to include all of our nieces and nephews in the wedding… so we had six flower girls and four ring bearers! It was a parade of kiddos and I was obsessed with how cute they all looked!

What a fun group we had for bridal party! Most of our bridal party members were family, but we also included our dearest friends. I loved how each girl chose a dress style that they liked! Everyone looked so beautiful. The girls each carried a bouquet of ruffly white sweetpea and ranunculus.

One of my favorites from the day! Adore this photo by Cassi! My flowers look so pretty and just love having my whole world wrapped up in one photo!

Love this image, too!

After a long gap, it was time to celebrate at renowned Franklin Plaza. Greg, Joe and the Entire staff and team from the Plaza executed far beyond anything I could’ve dreamed. Years before I was engaged, or even dating Trevor, I knew that I was going to have my wedding at Franklin Plaza. Not only was my sister’s wedding there, but year after year the venue consistently impressed me- From the food to the service and everything in-between! Our menu for the evening included Osso Bucca of pork, rolled filet of sole with crab meat stuffing and lobster cream sauce, and grilled filet mignon with a chianti reduction. Each entree was served with a mixed green salad topped with a poached port pear, mandarin oranges and chèvre cheese drizzled with a raspberry vinaigrette. The food was ten star and the service was impeccable. They truly made us feel like Royalty. These days it’s hard to come by service of this level… and while I know in this world “perfection” doesn’t exist- I can say with confidence perfection truly does exist at Franklin Plaza.

Next up on the timeline- my second look! Julie Potter was scheduled for my second hair style and to say I was obsessed is an understatement. She had literally three minutes to put this together… In fact she was doing my hair in the elevator at one point – so how she managed to make this look so amazing blows me away! Perfection on every level! Also, my makeup artist Amanda added a bright lip to switch it up for the evening and seeing the whole thing together made me gasp!! I felt so pretty!!!

In lieu of an escort card table, I wanted a more personal service. So upon entering the reception ballroom, guests were greeted with champagne by staff from Franklin Plaza and checked in with Christine and Jordan for their seating location.

As guests were mingling on the roof for cocktail hour, we were brought down for the ballroom reveal … and this next photo says it all. We worked closely with Franklin Plaza and Total Events for pipe and drape, ghost chairs, gold rimmed chargers, matte gold flatware, dogwood trees, white dance floor, staging, bright white linens, lounge furniture, you name it…. We styled each place setting with soft gray organza napkins that were knotted with Italian olive leaf sprigs next to our menu cards. Each menu card had our guests name written in gold calligraphy at the top. A mixture of orchids, peonies, roses, and greenery dressed the tables… and to add ambiance, there were a mixture of candles that sprinkled in-between floral arrangements. It was incredibly stunning.

Cakes by Susie. This girl is so incredibly talented… and self taught! I was connected with her through my planners and my gosh she got my vision instantly! It’s hard to tell how enormous this cake was… but it was huge. In fact, it was so huge we lost the top layer- but I had no idea until after the wedding! One of my favorite parts of our cake was the handwritten detail of the lyrics from our first dance song! It was so cool and actually a surprise for me! Prior to the wedding I gave Susie two quotes and told her to surprise me as to which one she would use. I love that she went with our first dance song! Incredible work!!! And can I just say how incredibly yummy it was- so many people kept coming up to us saying that it was so good! We chose an almond flavored cake with raspberry filling! I’m drooling thinking about it! Also, a special thank you to Total Events for making this incredible lucite cake table!

Trevor and I chose a song by ACDC to walk into the room…. TNT … because get it?!?! We’re TNT (Tiffany and Trevor)… Dynamite! Yes, we are that cheesy.

Our first dance song was the ultimate sentiment. A couple years ago I learned that both my parents and Trevor’s parents danced to the same song at their wedding!! Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel. So, we had brilliant local acoustic artist Justin Friello remake the song to our very own custom version. Holy crap it was incredible. To add another element of surprise for our guests, behind the band stage we had a wall size video projection of a styled shoot that me and Trevor did at The Mount in Massachusetts. Special thanks to J Yager for setting up this massive projection. And to Nicole Weeks, thank you for shooting this incredible video art piece. You are beyond talented and I love you to pieces!

At the end of our first dance, we launched butterfly confetti poppers….which was the icing on the cake. Many of you know that when my grandmother passed away about 5 years ago… she has always shown her presence through butterflies. So, when I found these online- it was an instant purchase. I truly believe she surrounded us that day and poured down her love on us.

Our band. Funk Evolution. Good Glory be to God… our guests can’t stop talking about this talented group! I’ve worked with the band multiple times throughout the years and they always left an incredible impression. I’ll never forget the first time I heard them play “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5… to this day it gives me chills thinking about it! They completely ROCKED the dance floor and went above and beyond to make our experience a great one. The saxophone battle was a total shock and I was in AWE. Absolute awe. You guys crushed it and I can’t thank you enough for making this night unforgettable!

The song Trevor picked to dance with Gianna will always make me cry. It’s titled “My girl” by Elvie Shane.

Trevor’s mom picked the most perfect song for her dance with her son… “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw.

My dad and I picked “My little girl” by Tim McGraw … but! We cut it short after one verse and broke out into the Buffalo Bill’s theme song – SHOUT!!! We are diehard Buffalo Bills fans and for many, many years I’ve known this was going to happen. What I didn’t know… my father shared the video on the Bills Mafia page it went viral gaining the attention of multiple sports journalist! Next thing we know, it was featured in the news all over Western New York!! Let’s go Buffalo! Click Here to read one of the articles- if you want to read more, just google search us. LOL. What’s even funnier…. Trevor is a Jets fan! Booooo. In my vows I even spoke about football…I said, “my only prayer for this moment is to ask God to make Trevor a Buffalo Bills fan!”

Is that napkin a white flag? Did my prayer get answered?!

The night went on and the surprises kept coming… I’ll never forget when I told my mom about the bagpipe surprise for my dad. She jokingly said, “How come the surprise is just for dad?!” And I replied, “Mom. You can’t know all the surprises.” She then said, “What. Are you gonna get me Bocelli or something?” …. Well. That was a fantastic idea. Opera. You see my mom and I have spent years going to shows and Operas- so this was the perfect surprise idea. Angelo and Catherine Mazzone. World renowned Opera singers. Unbelievably humbled that they agreed to come sing as a surprise at our wedding. I asked them to sing the song “The Prayer” – which was my grandmother’s favorite song and one that my mom and I love as well. The surprise went off perfectly and I’m pretty sure every guest had their jaw on the floor. Another perfectly executed highlight of the day. Trevor and I still talk about this performance… remarkable. I felt like we were at our own private show.

Now to talk about a very specific vendor behind the scenes…. Andre and Maggie of Hudson Valley Creative. The absolute G.O.A.T. I found Andre (Hudson Valley Creative) on a whim. At the time when I booked him, he had only shot three weddings. However, his work made him look like a seasoned professional -and I knew instantly he was going to blow up in the best way possible. I talked his ear off after stalking him on every social media platform… I needed him to know immediately how incredibly talented he is. I believe in his artistry. He has an eye that is unmatched and his level of professionalism far surpasses anything I’ve ever seen. I told him on our very first chat that he was going to be wildly successful. And now, a year and a half later, he is fully booked two years out and working with some of the greatest photographers in the country. Keep reaching my friend and know that all of your dreams are coming true right now….

The most incredible thing I ever did see…. watch below!

I know there was a lot of reading with this post…but ultimately, I still feel like I fall short. Words can never adequately express my endless gratitude and appreciation for all those who made this day possible. I truly feel so undeserving of it all… Every single vendor poured their heart into this day and it didn’t go unnoticed. From the bottom of my heart, thank you times one hundred million billion trillion. I love you all!

To my husband, thank you for choosing me…. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I love you babe.

With Love,
Tiffany and Trevor Fiedler

(I’m officially a MRS now…. YAY!!!!!!)

The Vendor Team
Wedding Planner: Christine Wheat Special Events
Florist: Fleurtacious Designs
Makeup Artist: Amanda Pierce
Cinematographer: Hudson Valley Creative
Venue: Franklin Plaza
Rentals: Total Events
Photographer: Cassi Claire
Bridal Ceremony Updo: Alexandria’s Beauty Salon
Second Bridal Hair Look: Julie Potter Master Stylist
Dress: Custom Design by Janet Cooper of Angela’s Bridal, Signature by Justin Alexander and Paloma Blanca
Shoes: Aquazzura
Veil: Custom, Angela’s Bridal
Bride Earrings: Untamed Petals
Groom’s Attire: The Black Tux
Bridesmaid Gowns: Vera Wang
Flowergirl Dresses: JJ’s House
Ceremony Music: Hudson String Quartet
Cocktail Hour Music: John Savage Jazz Quartet // Funk Evolution
Acoustic Guitarist: Justin Friello
Band: Funk Evolution
Cake: Cakes by Susie
Opera Duet: Catherine MazzoneAngelo Mazzone
Video Projection: J Yager
Ceremony: Saint Pius X
Invitations/Menus/Ceremony Programs/Calligraphy: CW Events
Groom Cufflink Gift: One Memory Lane
Ring Box: The Mrs Box
Transportation: Premiere

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  1. Bonnie says:

    BEST DAY EVER!!! You summed it up perfectly!!! LOVE you Mr & Mrs Fiedler

  2. Eileen McBain says:

    It truly was a beautiful day! Your blog captured it perfectly! Love, Aunt Eileen

  3. Taryn says:

    Everything was just beautiful! Only you could have imagined a wedding as gorgeous as this was! You had awesome vendors to pull this off!

  4. Mary LaPlante says:

    Tiffany, I am gobsmacked. Incredibly beautiful, filled with love and surprises. I wasn’t there but I can feel the love, energy, and happiness all of you experienced. I am beyond happy for you, Trevor, Gianna and your family. The very best to all of you.

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