Gianna’s Birthday Celebration- “I’ve loved you since forever”

Tiffany Wayne


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Soooo it happened. My baby turned one…so naturally, a birthday party was in order. I think I was in denial for a bit- because  I waited until the last minute to get things in order for her party. When I realized we were getting close to the day I picked, I needed a magician to help make my vision come to life! So I called up my friend and wedding event coordinator Christine Wheat. Despite being in the midst of wedding season Christine and Jordan were happy to help get everything together…. in less than two weeks! TWO. Weeks. We had a couple phone calls and a site visit – and the rest was history! They made this process SO easy and enjoyable- I was wowed! These ladies are truly incredible at what they do… On the day of the party, Jordan and Ally of the CW firm set everything up and made sure it looked Pinterest perfect! I have to say, I was truly blown away! I felt like a bride seeing her wedding reception LOL!! I arrived a little bit early because – I had to get some detail photos (obviously!) But I didn’t want to be stuck photographing the entire party- so, I called up my associate photographer, Tara, to capture the mingling and cake smash!

I wanted to have a few special details at the party- so Christine thought of hiring an artist to draw a custom story for Gianna since she LOVES books! So we had a wall where guests could sit and have their character drawn as part of the book! Then, guests were able to write a message and put it in a jar that will be written into the story! It was a huge hit! Since Gianna loves books, the one book that is sooo special to us is Hoda Kotb’s “I’ve Loved You Since Forever” – I read that to Gianna every night. So I asked Holly Winnie if she could write that out to display… it looked amazing over the favor table!

I have to say, Gianna had such a fabulous time! And so did I!! It was great to see so many family and friends celebrate my little love’s first year of life!! The best part of the day was singing Happy Birthday – my sweet girl was such a ham!!! She LOVED having everyone’s attention! She would clap and cheer and lead the crowd in a “YAY!!” – I didn’t expect that at all! But really- I can’t say I’m totally surprised! She loved eating her cake – a special treat made with love by my mom! And can we talk about her high chair skirt?!! My mom made that, too! She’s pretty much a Martha Stewart- so many talents!!!

Thank you so much to all that made this day so special. It was amazing to see so many smiling faces of those we love – we are truly blessed! And I have to say, 75% of the guests at Gianna’s party were TWP alumni clients….that touched my heart in a way you’ll never know. I truly love this business – and most importantly the friendships I build from it! I’m so grateful and humbled. Love you all!

With Love,

Event Coordination: Christine Wheat Special Events Firm
Flowers: Fleurtacious Designs
Calligraphy Scroll & Chalkboard Signs: Holly Winnie
Large Balloons with Greenery: Party with Mia
Rentals: Rain or Shine Tent Company
Catering: Putnam Market
Cakes & Cupcakes: Homemade by Ana
Funfetti Cake Truffles: Milk Bar
French Macaroons: Putnam Market
Charictiture Artist: Philip Singer
Scroll Text: Hoda Kotb, “I’ve Loved You Since Forever”


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  1. Gail Ropelewski says:

    OMG…Your phots of this wonderful party are truly priceless! Thank you so much for letting me share this special day with you and your beautiful Giianna! Love and Hugs to you both….Gail

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