5 Tips on How to Have a Stress Free Wedding Day

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relaxed bride on stress free wedding day

If you’re anything like me, Sundays are spent with your family eating LOTS of food. Ever notice how the dinner table is where some of the best memories are created? The best discussions about life and all the things…(and perhaps the best wine, too.) Well, chances are if you’re getting married the hot topic around the table is your wedding day. Now, I hear from so many clients about how overwhelming the planning process is… so many opinions, decisions, ideas, budget concerns…it’s enough to make your eyes cross. Amiright? And then, once everything is set in stone you’re worried if everything is going to be executed correctly. See? I know what’s going on in your head! Since I value the friendships I’ve make with my clients, consider me a family member at your dinner table tonight. Below you will find five tips on how to ensure a stress free wedding day.

  1. Communicate with your photographer! Yes, this may seem obvious. But I’m not talking about the little things like, “Here are my inspiration photos” … I’m talking about timelines. They are critical to keeping the day running smoothly. Now, if you have a wedding planner you are in good hands because they create the timeline for you. However, if you don’t – the photographer in essence becomes the day-of coordinator. All of the timing falls on to our lap! So, be clear as to what time you need to be in your dress. Ask questions about how much time is needed for portraits. And don’t be afraid to ask for a timeline! At final meetings, I always discuss timing in great detail. And following our meeting, I always give my clients a day of timeline- this way there are no surprises and everyone is on the same page. If you want to be extra efficient, share that timeline with your other vendors.
  2. Put all of your getting ready details in ONE spot! Pretty much every photographer I know shoots the getting ready details. The dress, the shoes, the rings, the flowers…. you know what I’m talking about! The pretty stuff. Think of how many different things you have for your photographer – that’s how many times the photographer will ask you a question. “Where are your shoes?” – “Where is your invitation?” – “Who has the rings?” … So, ladies, do yourself a favor and organize all those details in one spot. This way you won’t be bothered with a million questions and your photographer will be happy, too.
  3. Prepare and Plan.  Again, this may seem obvious but I’m going beyond that. Many of you know in your head the “obvious” photos that you want in your album. But, let me share a little secret with you… photographers aren’t mind readers! Now, of course if you have an experienced photographer most likely they will already have their own checklist of items to capture. But, my point is…if it’s important to you, write it on your shot list and give it to your photographer.
  4. Appoint a go-to “person!” So, what the job of your bridal party anyway? To dress up and have fun? Yes. BUT…. they are standing next to you for a reason. Create job titles for each person. For example, your sister would be a great help rounding family members for portraits. Sure, photographers have the names written down- but we don’t know faces! Want to make sure the rings are safe? Give them to a trusted groomsman. Unsure if it will rain? Appoint a bridesmaid to be your weather girl. If the forecast is looking grim, she can ensure you have an umbrella. The key to this being a success? One title per person. You ever hear the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen?” Don’t crowd your kitchen with everyone doing the same thing.
  5. Let it go. Once the big day arrives the only thing you should be worried about is showing up. Let the professionals do what they’re best at. After all, that’s why you hired them – so your wedding day would be stress free. Be present in the moment because before you know it, the day will be over. What’s more important to you- remembering the laughter and love you shared with your family and friends? Or obsessing over the chair placement or floral centerpieces? I think I know the answer….


Now, go enjoy dessert and dream about your stress free wedding day!

With love,

photographers laughing on stress free wedding day

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