TWP Update: What’s Happening and What’s to Come!

November 8, 2017

Ok my friends…It’s been a bit quiet on the TWP blog. But let me assure you– behind the scenes has been anything BUT quiet! So I’m here to give you some updates! What have I been up to?? Documenting some of the best moments is by far an understatement! Aside from shooting weddings every weekend, engagements and families during the week… plus traveling out of state and all over New York State…oh and let’s not forget designing albums…and helping out other photogs…..I have been working on a BRAND NEW WEBSITE!! So, my thought was to share my latest shoots when the new website launches. We are SO close to having everything wrapped up….It’s going to be like Christmas came early! Speaking of Christmas, I have been rocking out to Christmas tunes — anyone else?? Yes, I know, I fully embrace my weird. But aside from a new website, there are some other new exciting things to mention….and one huge, like ENORMOUS announcement … So, on the back end over here at TWP I have revamped my client portals for all of you! It’s a new system that makes life so much easier! You can now make payments online (I know, I was a little late in the game…the truth is, I just love getting snail mail!) And, some new yummy signature treats (Funfetti style) have been arriving at the doorsteps of the newest TWP couples! Now you’re probably reading extra fast to get to the BIG announcement… but the truth is… the reveal will be coming with the launch of my new website. Stay tuned my friends, you really won’t want to miss this! How about some eye candy of what’s been going on?? Oh yes…. indeed. Check out a little sneak peek below from some of the sessions AND a little screen shot tiny glimpse into what’s to come on the new website! I can’t give too much away!!!

Thanks for being so loyal and lovely….

With Love,

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