Tuesday’s Together-Albany, New York August Meeting

August 11, 2015

“TO THINE OWN #SELFIE BE TRUE” …I had to wear that shirt in honor of our August topic: Instagram! I was so excited to chat about this month’s topic -because let’s face it… everyone is on “the gram.” Nine out of ten people are on the app multiple times per day. I am most definitely one of them! It’s not only entertaining but one of the top social media platforms to help market your brand. This month’s meeting was filled with great conversation, lot’s of information and eyebrow raising statistics. It always amazes me how much I learn from my peers at these meetups…so a big thank you to all who have been attending.

We started off the meeting by reviewing the Top Five Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers, provided by The Rising Tide Society:

  •  Post consistently. Start with one photograph per day.
  • Comment on 5-10 photos a day of people with a larger following than you.
  • Utilize relevant hashtags that your community and industry are using.
  • Collaborate with other Instagrammers, make friends, & be social!
  • Post relatable photos that your audience will love.
#HASHTAG: Hashtags are an amazing way to categorize and label your images in order to be searchable on Instagram! Using hashtags allows you to connect with other users who are searching for or engaging with particular categories of content. We take advantage of hashtags every single day from our brand hashtag (#risingtidesociety), to our mission statement (#communityovercompetition), to the gatherings being hosted around the world (#tuesdaystogether) to the little giveaways for encouraging (#MyMondayMugshot) posts that you share throughout the month! We’ve found that hashtags are most effective when they are intentional and we frequently hashtag the locations where we’re living and working to be a part of that community. We also love hashtags that are specific to our industry, align with our brand values, and that our clients are using on a day to day basis!
Having trouble thinking of a good #Hashtag? No worries! Check this out: Hashtag Generator 

After we got in the groove of chatting, I found some great information that I was able to share with the group. Check out these Instagram statistics from Sproutsocial (full article click here) :
  • Over 300 Million members
  • Highest Rating for Brand Engagement (4.21% compared to 0.1% Facebook)
  • @Mentions receive 56% More Engagement
  • Location Results in 79% More Engagement
  • Single Dominant Colors Return More Likes
Now that you’re more aware of how awesome Instagram is… you should track your progress! Check out Iconosquare  – an app that will breakdown your analytics for the gram.

If you haven’t already, check out the Rising Tide Society online-and be sure to sign up for the newsletter! Please help spread the word- this is open to all creative entrepreneurs! To join the Facebook group, click here! Don’t forget to hashtag #TuesdaysTogether! It was so great seeing all of you! I’m looking forward to our next meetup!

With Love,
Tiffany….your Albany, New York Leader

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