Sisters + Best Friends: Kelly and Katie

July 30, 2015

I have been beyond excited about this shoot for what seems like for-ev-errr! Just over two months ago I held a contest via social media that celebrated friendship. More specifically, your best gal pal! AKA your bestie! The contest idea came out of nowhere, really… I was posting a photo on Instagram from a wedding that I shot last fall and it just hit me. It’s not often that we think to schedule a photo shoot with our besties, so it just seemed perfect! I have to say, there was a fantastic response considering this contest was put out there on a whim. I read all of the entries and truly enjoyed all of the photos and stories that were submitted. Many of you know that my sister is my all time best friend…so, when I saw Kelly and Katie’s submission it warmed my heart to read they are sisters AND best friends!

I was so grateful when my friend, and talented stylist, Randi reached out to participate in contest! I mean, how cool?! A styled shoot with your best friend?! What a fun memory…now I just need to make this happen with my sister! It was important to me that this shoot showcased the real Kelly and Katie. So, when Randi reached out to them about wardrobe one of the first things they suggested was yoga gear…because they love yoga! I also learned that Katie is a yoga instructor-I think that is so cool! I thought Yaddo gardens would be a great spot to start, especially since the girls have never been there before. It’s a truly beautiful location and I try to go there as often as I can. As we started the shoot, I was super impressed with Kelly and Katie’s yoga moves… like really, really impressed.

Since I always like to include multiple looks, the next two outfits were inspired by Free People- because this is one of their favorite designers. Randi and I were totally swooning because we are both obsessed with Free People…combine that with a country field at sunset and you’ve officially stolen my heart. I had no idea what the girls had planned for outfits- but, the minute I saw them my ideas were swarming like a mad bee hive! This shoot suddenly went from cute and fun sisterly love to all out editorial fashion …obsessed! When I tell you these girls can model… I mean, where is the agent?!

My favorite decade is 1968-1978…not that I was alive, but I’ve always loved that time period. Truly. Seeing everything come together, I was instantly reminded of old chrome film and the way old color prints would fade if they sat in the sun too long. I feel like everyone has at least a few of these prints in their house somewhere… rounded corners and all. Anyway, toward the end of the session as the sun was bright orange, I pulled out some colorful pink and purple tulle. I wanted to create that old 1970’s, sun drenched looked. Or perhaps, as if the photo was developed in the wrong film solution. I have to say, the color gradient on the image is exactly what I was going for… and I just love it!

Before we get to the pictures (if you haven’t already scrolled down with anticipation!), Kelly and Katie wrote a little note about each other…

KELLY: There are so many memories that spark a smile on my face when I think of Katie.  The funniest memories are playing dress up in our mom’s clothes and dying laughing when she would “toot” in yoga class. This was well before she was a star!  From the time we were little girls, wheeling her up to Ben & Jerry’s for ice cream to just last month, following her around Wanderlust watching her do what she loves, we’ve always been inseparable. I think my most favorite memory of us is when I was on bed rest.  See, being 8 years older than Katie, I have always acted as her rock.  She would come to me when she had boy troubles, needed career advice, or just needed someone to throw an idea off of.  However, what she doesn’t realize is how much of a rock she is to me.  I had trouble conceiving my daughter, and it is no secret that when I did, it was a very scary and uncertain time in my life.  It was actually on Katie’s 22nd birthday that I was placed on emergency bed rest for they feared I would lose Madigan.   I felt so alone, Katie would come over, jump in bed with me, and just be present.  Some days we would watch movies, some days we would talk, but mostly we would just lay, and that was perfect for me.  When I was 8 years old I begged my parents for a sister, I am so grateful they delivered! She’s more than a sister, she really is my best friend…

KATIE: Many siblings fight with each other. It’s unavoidable.. And even my sister Kelly and I have our moments. But my favorite memory is when I can proudly say that Kelly & I are fighting for each other. There has been numerous occasions when I can rely on calling her to ALWAYS have my back. My earliest memory I have when Kelly’s “tude” came to play was when she fought for me in high school when a ref made a bad call in basketball. Then came my first college experience.. Quite miserable as I was so home sick from Syracuse! She would come & visit and then beg my parents to let her bring me home (like a puppy). Then there was ALL my boyfriends and they will tell you she had my back from the start…Today she’s got my back in a whole bunch of areas… My brothers, my yoga classes, my relationships with others…. She’s always there for me!  My number one fan… It’s nice to have something like that because I know sometimes we perceive our “best friends” as ways being there for us, but sometimes they don’t always show. So fortunate she has always had been.. And I am assuming always WILL!!

Thank you so much to the very talented makeup artist Polina and stylist Randi for helping out with this fun shoot! Kelly and Katie, you girls…. are truly one of a kind. Thank you so much for participating and bringing a huge smile to my face. I hope this photo shoot is one you’ll store as a favorite memory one day… Thank you so much!

With Love,

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  1. jp

    July 30th, 2015 at 12:33 pm

    crushed it, tiff! those collins ladies are just beautiful!

  2. Lea Collins

    July 30th, 2015 at 1:03 pm

    wow! I knew my girls were beautiful and special but somehow you were able to capture their true essence. Thank you for choosing them!!!

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