Mommy & Me: Randi and Layla

April 11, 2017

Oh my gosh….. you guys!!! This blog makes my heart skip a beat and maybe even tear up a little! My good friend and fashion stylist Randi is expecting baby number two!! So, when I announced that I was doing Mommy & Me sessions she scheduled a special photo session with her three year old daughter, Layla. I was over the moon!

When Randi and Layla came over to my house (which makes for a great natural light studio!) we all ate bagels before getting started. Layla had a fresh blowout and to ensure that her hair didn’t get a coat of cream cheese, Randi tossed it up in a top knot. Needless to say, we both fell in love with the look and kept it up for photos! When doing these sessions, my goal was to keep it real and simple. I wanted to focus on all the cute things that happen now- but as they grow up will be forgotten. Simple things like her hair in a top knot, holding her mamas face for a kiss… laughing and hugging through an unbreakable bond called, motherhood. I am so in love with these images and I can’t wait to share more mommy and me sessions! Below are a handful of my favorites… although it was SO hard to choose! Randi and Layla, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to let me photograph you…these moments are priceless.

With Love,

*If you’re interested in booking a mommy & me session, please use the discount code MOTHERHOOD for an exclusive offer valid thru mother’s day. Inquiries can be sent via e-mail, 

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