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Happy Memorial Day weekend friends! While you’re sitting out with friends and family BBQ-ing …I thought I’d bring you dessert! Because this blog post is BEYOND SWEET! Was that joke corny? Ok, maybe a little bit… but I like corny! Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Jenna and Mark’s gorgeous Franklin Plaza wedding! These two […]

It’s wedding Wednesday!! And boy do I have a good one to share with you! Today’s featured wedding couple is Stephanie and Zach! These two knocked it out of the park with their stunning Hall of Springs wedding! I remember when I first chatted with the bride and groom to be- they were soooo nice […]

Happy Wednesday Y’all! It is a gray day here in Upstate New York…but I have the window opened and I am breathing in some fresh spring-like air! Second to shooting the actual wedding, my favorite part about being a photographer is blogging! I love to tell a romantic photo story. Seriously, it makes my whole entire day. You […]

Happy Monday friends! Today I have some serious eye candy for you! Monica and Steve’s winter wedding! You may remember these two as they had the most adorable engagement session ever! You know, the one at Normanside Country Club in the tall grassy field? Yep, that’s them! They tied-the-knot! I couldn’t wait to get these two lovebirds in […]

Happy Monday friends! I am back with another beautiful winter wedding starring Leah and Leo! First of all, can we all talk about how their names are so cute together?? I remember being super excited for Leah and Leo’s wedding day because they had a killer vendor team working for them…and these two have such […]