Sunshine, Boho Love…and Brea!

April 12, 2015

The past month has been filled with so many fun personal shoots…and guess what?! I have another one to share! A couple weeks ago I learned that this fabulous girl, Brea, is moving to California. I thought to myself, “This girl needs to get in front of my lens before she moves!” Not only is she stunning, but I knew instantly that she would be perfect in a “boho-chic” styled shoot. I called up my stylist Randi and we were instantly on the same page. Let’s take a little visual trip back in time… you’re at a music festival with your friends, Janis Joplin just finished a set and the sun was quickly setting. You wore your most favorite dress and as the sun finally lowered itself into the horizon, the temperature dropped. The wind was intense- so in an effort to keep warm you grab your boyfriends flannel.  Still on a high from the music (not drugs) you let your free spirit roam…dancing around and singing along with the music in the background. This was the inspiration behind this shoot.

I met up with model Brea and the super talented ladies over at Alexandria’s Beauty Salon early in the afternoon. Rachael was on point with makeup and it was so exciting to see my vision come together so perfectly! I was equally excited with the weather…the past couple days have been very gloomy here in upstate New York and I really wanted sunshine for this shoot. Mother Nature did not disappoint! The wind was fierce –which was great because I visualized a lot of movement with Brea’s hair. Hair stylist Alex added a couple braids for fun and it really looked amazing!

When I shoot personal work, nine out of ten times I drive around until I find a spot that speaks to me. I love shooting this time of year-monotone landscapes with dead trees and muted, muddy colors are my preference always to bright blue skies and bright green grass. Not kidding, it’s my favorite. Some portraits are more classically lit, while others channeled my inner artistic hippie. All in all, I think the images blend together nicely telling a beautiful story that defines “free spirit.”

Time of Shoot: 4:30pm
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Lens: Canon 85mm f/1.8
Tulle: Soft, light gold tulle applied to some frames for hazy/filter effect

Thank you so much to all of my talented friends who came together to work on this shoot! Brea, you are a beautiful soul and I wish you all the best with your move to the West coast! Enjoy some of my favorites below and as always, leave a little love in the comment box below!


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Alexandria Cook, Alexandria’s Beauty Salon
Makeup: Rachael Skliutas, Alexandria’s Beauty Salon
Fashion: Styled by Randi

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