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October 29, 2020

The one thing about planning a wedding that I thought doesn’t get enough attention is the invitation suites sent to your clients! Your wedding invitation is one of the first things that people see which sets the tone for your whole wedding. No pressure! Are you going to have an elegant ballroom wedding or maybe you’re having a more laid back wedding in a beautiful field. Those two weddings are totally different vibes and your guests need to know so they can dress and prepare accordingly. So your wedding invitation design is kind of a big deal! Basic Invite reached out to me to review their products and I must say, I’m impressed!

Aside from invitations, the other thing that I’m thinking a lot about is my guest book. I love the idea of incorporating photos of me and Trev. I am a photographer and obviously am obsessed with photographs so this might just be the way to go! Basic Invites offers some gorgeous photo guest book sign designs that definitely peaked my interest. I just love the idea of seeing photos of us together with the handwriting of all the people we love around them and kept safe in a book for us to look through every year on our anniversary!

Basic Invites also makes the customization of these photos guest books super easy. You guys, they literally have 180 colors to choose from so they can match your wedding colors perfectly! One hundred and eighty colors! Plus they have numerous fonts as well. Everything from stunning script fonts (which are my favorite) to big blocky sans-serif fonts. There is something for every type of couple and every style you can imagine!

You all know by now that I love pretty things that go seamlessly together. I’m always trying to channel Joanna Gains, even when designing stationery! When it comes to weddings, my feelings are the same! I’m all about matching fonts, and color schemes to tie everything together. The super nice thing about Basic Invites is that you can sync the colors and fonts across all your designs from your photo guest book to your wedding invitation cards and even design your wedding website through them as well. Any type A bride, like myself, would be thrilled!

I love that you can also order a sample to make sure you have everything the exact way you want it before placing a huge order for all of your invitations. Who doesn’t love a “try before you buy” experience?! This way you get to feel the paper and hold your invitations up to the color swatches you have to make sure the coloring is perfection! 

Don’t be overwhelmed when you look at all the designs they have to offer, having options is a good thing! Just use the filters at the top of the website to narrow your search down so you can see exactly what you are looking for. You can customize everything to be 100% your style. Dang girl, you can even alter the corners of the invite to be pointed, round, or a fun angular shape! No two invitations will be the same!

Okay, one last note about Basic Invites because I could go on for hours about how wonderful their product and services are! You know how troublesome it can be to collect all of your guests’ addresses? Well when you use Basic Invites, they have a tool that will allow you to send link to your guests via email or social media to collect their addresses with ease! No more pulling out the old address book and handwriting addresses for days. That calls for some serious hand cramps and nobody’s got time for that! These guys will store all that information for you! You’re planning a wedding for goodness sake, let them take this off your hands!

***Please note, all images were provided by Basic Invite.



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