Meghan and Nick’s Growing Family

May 7, 2018

Happy Monday friends! Today’s post is sharing the most incredible joy with a super sweet growing family!! Meghan, Nick and Theo will soon have another addition to their family! I was chatting through email with Meghan for a couple weeks before the actual session – so when it came time to meet her I felt like we were already friends! I had so much fun spending time with them! Meghan was glowing and I was so obsessed with her dress and the seersuckers that little Theo was wearing. I mean, complete perfection! It’s obvious that little Theo is going to be such a fun big brother- he was hugging his mama’s belly and singing songs! This little babe will surely be loved!! Congratulations!! It was SO cute! Check out some of my favorite shots below and as always leave a little love in the comment section below!

With Love,

Hair and Makeup: Alexandria’s Beauty Salon

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  1. Meg, Nick, Theo

    May 7th, 2018 at 9:04 pm

    We are in love 😍-thank you thank you!

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