The Engagement: Angelica and Nick

August 27, 2017

It’s always an honor to be the photographer chosen to capture such a special time in a couple’s life…. but it’s even more special when your bride works in the wedding industry! If you work in the wedding industry, most of you know beautiful Angelica! She is the sweetest person ever and I couldn’t wait to meet the man who stole her heart! I have to say, when I met Nick I could instantly see why these two are perfect for each other! Not only are these two madly in love, but they are partners in crime…and truly best friends… I love that. They know how to make each other laugh- which is so important! When planning their engagement session, we wanted to choose a location off the beaten path- and boy we sure did! Angelica suggested Highland Castle in Bolton Landing- I’ve always wanted to shoot at this location so it was truly perfect! On the drive up, I wondered if I was in the right place because the roads were basically in a forest and very narrow. I’m actually impressed my GPS picked up the location. When I arrived I was greeted by the owners and their two German Shepards- they were so cute!!! They were perfect guard dogs for the property. After touring the space, there were so many great spots on the property- you couldn’t find a bad angle. We got started right away in the back of the building and it was instant smiles! These two were so much fun and we all shared some good laughs! And can we talk about their attire? I am so obsessed with their outfits! On point all the way! Also, a shout out to Kyle Garcia for making this bride-to-be flawless in the makeup department! Angelica you are flawless girl!!! Ok— I am too excited to share the photos, so scroll down already!!!! Angelica and Nick, thank you so much for choosing me to capture such a special time in your life… I can’t wait to do this again when you become husband and wife!!!

With Love,

Highland Castle in Bolton Landing engagementclassic Highland Castle in Bolton LandingHighland Castle in Bolton Landing engagement session in white dressHighland Castle in Bolton Landing

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