Happy Mother’s Day…with Love…

May 8, 2015

Where would we be without our mothers? Lord knows I wouldn’t be here writing a blog to you… It’s pretty incredible when you think about how much a mother is willing to sacrifice for her children.  The love is that deep. I’ve been told that until I become a mother, I will never fully understand the unconditional love that comes with the title. And while that may be true, I do know what it’s like to be a daughter. A daughter who is loved so much. From the moment I was brought into this world, she has been fully present.  To pick me up when I fall, to hug me when I cry, to kiss my cheek until my ear gets foggy, to cheer me on when the going gets tough, to remind me I am strong and capable, to reassure me that everything happens for a reason –and the best is yet to come. It’s hard to comprehend sometimes. Because even on my worst days, I know I am still loved. Even on the days I don’t love myself, she still loves me. I may not know what it’s like to be a mother, but being a daughter has been the biggest blessing in my life. Thank you Mom for always making me feel loved.

I’ve also been told that being a mother is the hardest, yet the most rewarding job. You can’t call in sick. And when you’re filled to the brim with a million mixed emotions- and all you want to do is lay in bed, you still have to rise above and tackle the day. To put yourself second. Thank you Mom for always sacrificing and putting yourself second.

You were there to hug us when we took our first breath. To give us our first birthday cake. To watch us explore and laugh and grow. To be our friend on life’s journey. While motherhood varies for each person, one thing I know to be true. The love of a mother is unwavering. What a beautiful thing…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there! May your hearts be surrounded with joy and love today and always. 


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