Father’s Day is Sunday June 17th

June 12, 2018

Here is my Public Service Announcement. Father’s Day is SUNDAY JUNE 17TH. I had this idea in my head…  I love life. I love being a parent… and all the fun things that happen in the unpolished world of kids. So, in honor of Father’s Day I wanted to do something fun! Something that documents real life. Real family. Real fun. I called up Kaylee and Nate (you know my clients that turned into my forever friends!) and I was rambling to Kaylee…I don’t even know what I said, but somehow my brain came up with photographing Owen’s baseball game! I suddenly was seeing everything in black and white and getting old school MLB vibes. Then take me out to the ball game got stuck in my head. So anyway, that’s what we did. I met up with them at the Troy Baseball park and grabbed a few shots before the game started… Baby G was with me and loved hanging out watching all the people!

So, if you’re looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift- consider a photo session!


With Love,

little boy holding baseball bat during lifestyle session for fathers day father's day dad on baseball field fathers_day_baseball_lifestyle_troy_albany_family_Photography_Tiffany_Wayne_0003 fathers day family session son at bat fathers_day_baseball_lifestyle_troy_albany_family_Photography_Tiffany_Wayne_0005 fathers_day_baseball_lifestyle_troy_albany_family_Photography_Tiffany_Wayne_0006 fathers_day_baseball_lifestyle_troy_albany_family_Photography_Tiffany_Wayne_0007 fathers_day_baseball_lifestyle_troy_albany_family_Photography_Tiffany_Wayne_0008 fathers_day_baseball_lifestyle_troy_albany_family_Photography_Tiffany_Wayne_0009 fathers_day_baseball_lifestyle_troy_albany_family_Photography_Tiffany_Wayne_0010 fathers_day_baseball_lifestyle_troy_albany_family_Photography_Tiffany_Wayne_0011 fathers_day_baseball_lifestyle_troy_albany_family_Photography_Tiffany_Wayne_0012 fathers_day_baseball_lifestyle_troy_albany_family_Photography_Tiffany_Wayne_0013 fathers day lifestyle baseball session fathers day lifestyle session baseball field

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