The Engagement: Paige and Justin

August 10, 2016

This shoot has me “OOoooh-ing and Ahhhh-ing” all over the place! You are about to meet, virtually, the newly engaged Paige and Justin!! Boston is where their love story blossomed from I like you a lot to I love you forever. It only made sense to photograph them in the city that holds such significance. So off I went to Boston and I couldn’t be more excited to feature this shoot on the blog!

When I arrived I was greeted with my own personal parking space and huge smiles! Talk about making me feel awesome upon my arrival! It was a beautiful summer day…and by that I mean, hot! The light was exactly where I wanted it to be as we began our session in the North end. As I looked around at all the beautiful buildings, my eyes were smiling and my feet were dancing to a happy beat… because it was a good day. A great day, actually. It was great because I got to document another love story. No two love stories are alike… I love that. Each story is preciously unique. And, every single one is amazing and beautiful… It’s an honor to be the one chosen to document it. And that’s exactly how I feel every. single. time. I’m honored.

After we finished up the first look in the North end, we headed back down to the harbor for the second look. The sunset was breathtaking. Truly. Below are a handful of my favorites from my time spent with Paige and Justin….It brings a smile to my face. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do! As always, leave a little love in the comment box below….Congratulations love birds!!

With Love,

  1. Sandy Korbel

    August 14th, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    Absolutely beautiful photos of two beautiful people.

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