Chantal and Joe…In love in New York City!

April 21, 2015

I first met with Chantal at Mocha Lisa – I perfectly remember how excited I was hearing all the details about her winter wedding! We then got in to chatting about New York city and how her and her fiancé Joe love it there… I mean, what’s not to love about New York City! Not only that, Joe proposed to Chantal in Central Park! It only made sense that their engagement shoot took place in NYC! We put it on the calendar right away and last Friday- the day arrived! Every time I visit the city, I say to myself “Gosh, I need to come down here more often!” I really should start putting that in to motion. Anyway, initially the forecast called for a rainy day…but, I just decided I wasn’t even going to entertain that thought. I just believed that it would be a beautiful day…and thank the good Lord, it was!! I knew it was important to Chantal and Joe to get some photos at both the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park. So with the help of my fabulous assistant and NYC native, Evan Pierce, he suggested we start at the bridge then finish in Central Park. Trying to get around NYC on a Friday during rush hour is no joke! Wow! But we zipped around in a cab and had just enough time at each location to get some awesome shots! Chantal and Joe, I had so much fun working with you! I felt like I was hanging out with friends in the city-not working a photo shoot! That is what I love. Connecting with my clients. The love you two share is so evident that it brings nothing but a huge smile to my face! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to let me photograph you…I am even more excited for the wedding! Below you will find some of my favorites from the day-as always, leave a little love in the comment box below!


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