Maternity: Caitlin

May 7, 2017

Happy Sunday my friends! When I think of Sunday I think of church, family, and a big dinner. Well, in some ways I get to celebrate all of those things with this very special mama-to-be, Caitlin! Today is Caitlin’s gender reveal baby shower! SO, I thought it would be perfect timing to post last weeks session! I’ve known Caitlin for about six years now. We met at church and with a shared passion for photography and music, we instantly clicked! I’ve been with her through many special milestones in her life- her engagement, wedding, and now…baby! It’s so special to have such a lovely friend in my life!

We decided to take some photos at her home because I am obsessed with her yard! The apple blossom tree bloomed the day before our shoot! Perfect timing! After a few images, I had an idea to use the flowers from the tree and make a flower crown! Caitlin’s husband, Nick, was the perfect hair assistant! High five! Throughout the entire session we were laughing so hard- between Caitlin’s jokes and animated nature, I can’t remember an instant when we weren’t giggling.

So today, the big question is…BOY or GIRL??? My final guess is BOY! What do you think?? Below are a handful of my favorites from our session! Caitlin and Nick, I am so excited for your growing family! I can’t wait to meet Baby Perry next month!!! Congratulations and Happy Shower Day Caitlin!!

With Love,

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