60 State: Allison and Zach

October 29, 2018

Happy Monday friends! We are taking it back to some beautiful warmer weather with this post! How does it already feel like winter??Today’s wedding features Allison and Zach’s gorgeous  60 State Place wedding! It was nothing short of amazing! I started off the day with the girls at Renaissance hotel in Albany. I’m obsessed with that getting ready location because of the perfect decor and great natural light! The room was filled with lots of laughter and love as the girls got ready to celebrate with these two lovebirds! All of her details were were so much fun to capture- and you all know I’m a sucker for the details! The morning went by quickly and before we knew it Allison was in her dress and it was time for the first look and portraits! It’s so clear how much they love each other, I mean seriously take a peek at their first look! I dare you not to cry too!! It was such an emotional moment for them and being there and capturing it was one of the best parts of my day with them.  One of my favorite parts of the night was the surprise dance for Allison’s family- they all wore goofy masks which truly made the evening even more memorable! Allison and Zach, thank you for letting me be a part of your amazing day- I wish you all the love and happiness for many years to come!

With love,


Makeup: Flawless by Tina
Dress: Angela’s Bridal
Flowers: Fleurtacious Designs
Catering: 2Shea
Music: NonStop Music
Video: Ben Pliss Media
Venue: 60 State

alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0002 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0003 beautiful silver jeweled shoes for bride at 60 State Place alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0005 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0006 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0009 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0010 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0012 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0013 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0014 groom prepares for first look at Albany NY wedding day alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0016 emotional first look for Albany NY wedding day alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0018 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0019 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0020 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0021 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0022 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0023 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0024 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0025 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0026 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0027 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0028 neutral wedding party inspiration for 60 State Place wedding alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0030 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0031 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0032 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0033 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0034 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0035 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0036 mirror escort card at 60 State Place wedding alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0038 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0039 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0040 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0041 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0042 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0043 elegant floral reception centerpieces at 60 State Place wedding tiered wedding cake at 60 State Place wedding alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0046 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0047 bride and groom celebrate first dance at 60 State Place wedding alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0049 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0050 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0051 alliezach_blog_albany_ny_wedding_0052

  1. My delight to officiate for this beautiful couple. Thanks for capturing every precious moment.

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