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October 15, 2018

One of my favorite things as a wedding photographer is educating other wedding photographers! I love sharing knowledge and seeing my students grow into even more phenomenal wedding photographers than they dreamed. One of the questions I’m asked about most often is how to make detail shots really stand out and look better. So today, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite tips for various details throughout the wedding day to help you nail those amazing details!!

Shoes & Rings: Details like rings and shoes often look better in clean, light and airy images. Shooting on a simple surface will create a light and airy feeling in the photograph. Additionally, an easy way to create a clean image is to shoot with material or other objects in the foreground. To obscure some of the details in a room, I simply place an object in front of my lens. In doing so, I can simplify an image and make it more aesthetically pleasing.ALYSSA_JASON_WED_TWP_0001

Heirlooms: Weddings are filled with symbolic elements. Often, brides will choose to wear a piece of jewelry that was once worn by a relative, or may perhaps incorporate a personal item like a grandmother’s lacy handkerchief as she dresses for the day. Consult with the bride prior to the wedding ay to determine whether any such meaningful items will play a part in her day. Photographs of objects that are being passed on from one person to the next are more meaningful when someone is holding the object. From a low angle, photograph the object in the hands of the owner an include the person as the background of the image.


The Groom’s Details: Display the groom’s details in an organized fashion and photograph them at f/4 or f/5.6 to ensure everything in the frame is in focus. Don’t forget to photograph the groomsmen’s gifts, too!

Floral Arrangements: Within the floral arrangements, it is common to see other elements that make for a cohesive,  styled design. Items like hanging crystals often get lost when showing the centerpiece as a whole. Once you’ve focused on the overall arrangement, get in a little closer and focus on all of its smaller components. Shoot with a low f/stop to focus on those details and minimize other distracting elements.



The Dessert Table: The dessert station is such a fun thing to shoot! Most of the time, the desserts featured are tiny! In an effort to make sure they don’t get lost in a big setting, move in close and focus on some of the individual options. My favorite lens to capture desserts with is the 85mm.


These are just a few tips to capture some of the amazing moments in a wedding day! If you’re interested in learning more tips, make sure you take a peek at other blog posts or pick up my book, Photograph Wedding Details!

Let me know what you think and if these tips are helpful during your wedding days!



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